Quick update

Hey Everyone! 

We’ve been working hard on this batch of Norseman due to start shipping out by the end of November. All the blades have been milled, cleaned up a bit, and we just sent them off for heat treat. We’re in the process of milling and finishing all the handles while the blades are away as well as milling clips, thumbstuds, and spacers. 

We have also been busy learning to use a couple new tools in the shop. John recently built us a belt grinder and we just received our new surface grinder last week. Check out our Youtube channel for videos updating your on our progress and showing you the new toys in the shop.

Check out the Norseman tab to sign up for the pre-order.

Grimsmo Knives

Left-Hand Norseman

Left-Hand bronze Honeycomb with sanded flats and naked hardware

*We will be doing small numbers of Left-hand Norseman in the next couple batches. Sign up for the newsletter to get any early warnings for upcoming pre-orders.*